8A Social Media Activity

Company: Dove Chocolate

Key Objective: To promote a marketing strategy utilizing the slogan, “Sustain the Love with Dove,” promoting Dove’s efforts in sustainability.

Strategy: Create Facebook timeline and profile pictures and posts to go along with campaign slogan, “Sustain the Love with Dove” to encourage others to share the sustainability vision. When consumers purchase a package of Dove chocolates with the Rainforest Alliance emblem on it, they will receive a $1.00 off coupon for the next purchase, and a portion of the proceeds of coupon sales will go to sustainability projects of education, microbusiness loans, and agricultural assistance.

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-06-08 19-41-55

Process: My marketing ideas became too unwieldy and I was advised by a strategic planner that I must simplify the project into two sentences.  So I made one a long complex sentence. This I did, and consulted others on color combinations. Since the Rainforest Alliance emblem is green, I decided to use it with the triad of primary colors of red, yellow, and blue and repeat the green with the foliage on one of the images. The text is Wind San Serif, from the font family of San Serif, which is compatible with the Dove logo script.I used a dark red colored text box with the transparency at 80% to accomodate the color scheme. I chose the images to support the sustainability concept.

Image sources:

colorful cocoa beans

cocoa bean drawing

cocoa beans with hands



7A Magazine Content and Sketches

Magazine Content and Sketches

This assignment is to demonstrate skills for a two page spread of an LDS magazine article.  For this I have chosen to write to adults for the Ensign to remind us all that peer pressure does not just affect the youth!  For many adults, we forget that we are not immune to others’ influences.

Story: Painful Peer Pressure

Painful Peer Pressure

I have a confession.  I succumbed to peer pressure. Sadly, it was a painful lesson emotionally and physically. Since it happened so subtly, I did not see my pride leading to a downfall.

I had been asked to substitute for the dance teacher at my son’s school.  Because I had done quite a bit of substituting, and because my youngest three sons had attended the school, I knew many of the students, and felt welcome when I subbed.  This day was no different, and the teacher had asked me to take the dance students through strength training where they would take periodic measurements of their abilities.  I had worn slacks to participate with the students, and knew there would be some things I would and some things I wouldn’t do. For several classes I did a few of the drills, and then, in a later class one of the students who was a friend of my son, Benn, began to innocently encourage my participation.  I was doing well. Surprisingly, I kept up with the dance students, and everything was perfect.  Last was the splits.  I had refrained from doing those in previous classes because I simply hadn’t done them in a long time.  Kerrie, Benn’s friend, encouraged me, saying, “Gee, Mrs. Parrish, you have been able to do everything else, I bet you can do the splits, too.” Feeling like a girl again among the girls, I forgot myself. For Pete’s sake, I am a grandmother, but I went into the splits.  Because I was warmed up some, I went all the way down.

“Kerrie,” I gasped as I remained in the splits position, “I think I ripped something.”

Quickly she ran around behind me and said, “No, Mrs. Parrish, you are fine.  I don’t see anything.”

“I don’t mean my pants, Kerrie!”  Gently she helped me up. Pain shot up my leg into my hip.  I smiled and said I was fine, but sat out the rest of the class and the rest of the day.  For weeks I could feel more than pride shoot up my leg and burn when I walked.  I had fallen to peer pressure. How easily I had slipped into the splits.  How easily I slipped under peer pressure. I was like a teenager again. How could I not have seen this coming?

Then I started thinking.  Was I much different as an adult?  Did I slip into the peer pressure game when I signed my child up for a sport when they really weren’t that interested or music lessons when they really weren’t that inclined?  Was I really trying to explore all their talents and abilities or was I competing with other adults for best parent award?  I didn’t think I played the “Keep up with the Jones’” with material things, but did I do it by competing with my children?

If I was to make myself an instrument in His hands I needed to watch the peer pressure in a lot of different areas. Instead of making my children shine in their talents and abilities on stage or on the playing field, I needed to help them become good citizens and resilient to defeat when hardships came. I needed to reinforce myself to resist the unwise encouragement of others and watch the pride that could easily take over when reason and logic should rule. Could I be steadfast and immovable?

Learning from the experience, I asked myself if I could stand as Daniel’s three friends did when threatened with the fiery furnace. Could I make a difference? Could I influence a king as did Old Testament Daniel when he stood up for God, and stood against the rulers of the time: The king came around, and declared “I make a decree, That in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the god of Daniel: for he is the living God and steadfast forever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end.  He delivereth and rescueth , and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions” (Daniel 6: 26-27).

Peer pressure.  It happens to youth.  It happens to adults.  It happens to affect us all.







Image Links:

Girl alone




6A Slide Design Project

Written Process:

My message is the “Symbols of Christ”. My audience is Christians and interested seekers. The color scheme I chose was complimentary colors. The colors blue and gold represent the earth and sky and are symbolic of heaven and earth. In using earthly, tangible symbols of Christ, we remind ourselves of the heavenly promises in His gospel.

Talk: “In this Holy Land” by  Elder Russell M. Nelson delivered February of 1991.

Link to talk: “In This Holy Land” by Russell M. Nelson

Talk outline page 1

outline 1

Talk Outline Page 2

outline 2



Critique Report:

Jessica Nebeker Aston said: “I liked that your slides are all very clean and clear. I think the text could be bigger though”

I agreed with Jessica’s statement and increased the font size.

Audrey Denison had similar input: “I absolutely love the images you used–beautiful! I agree with making the text a tiny but bigger as well but looks great”

Mar Gal said: “Hi Lois, I love the pictures you chose. I’m having a contradiction, don’t the pictures in the slides are supposed to be full bleeding? Or they are and than you added a blue text box on in?”

I read earlier that the pictures do not have to be full bleed. I made a few of them that way, but decided to keep some of them the way I had them, as I thought the white space was a nice contrast.

After my Adobe Connect visit with Sister Larson, I determined to change the white text to a gold tone and added an 8th slide as a summation at her suggestion.

Photo Links:

Christ with Sheep





Olive Tree

Holy Land

Font: 80pt Wind Sans Serif/ Sans Serif



5A Flier


Written Process:

My audience for this flier is the community as a whole. My color scheme is primary colors of red, yellow, and blue repeated with the lines of the lanes, the lines that accent the text boxes, and the logos at the bottom. The yellow accents are from the lane markers and the wrist band on the young woman. I came up with the idea to do a fundraiser for Special Olympics because I work with special needs youth. I used Heritage Academy because that is the school I work for, and I knew I could find the logo online. I found the photo of the girl swimming and liked it because it had all of the colors of the Olympic Rings. I ended removing the rings as a result of the critiques that I received, but kept the photo as I felt it represented the event.


Critique Report:

Shannon Gala said: “Great subject! I like so much about this-especially how the colors of the pool and the girl are the exact colors of the Olympic rings. That being said, it feels like the rings and the image are competing for center stage. I think the ring size should be reduced, maybe line them up with the Special Olympics heading up above the image for width. Are you keeping the same font because of the Heritage Academy logo? I think that makes sense. Do you think you need to have the “Heritage Academy presents” at the top since you have the logos at the bottom? Love that image!!”

I appreciated Shannon’s critique, and I used all of her suggestions. I got rid of the Olympic rings all together per Sister Larson’s suggestion. I was originally staying with the same font because of the other fonts in the logos. I deleted the “Heritage Academy Presents” at the top as she advised.

April Carr Ellington said: “Lois, I agree with Shannon. Great colors too.”

Sara-Jane Ames said: “HI Lois. I love the color scheme and that the rings are the same as the colors in the photo. A few suggestions are to raise the rings, so they become part of the picture. The focus is on her face, so the ring could go where the photographer has blured her swim suit. I would then move the picture to the top of the page and put the title, in a larger font underneath the combined pictures. The others on top have suggested reducing the olympic ring size, if you do, there is ample space in the picture to place them on the bottom right. Good luck with what you choose to do.”

When eliminating the rings, this didn’t seem as pertinent as it changed the whole design.

Sister Larson’s video critique said not to use Comic Sans, that the rings were not used for Special Olympics, and to make the event location and time more prominent.

I took all of her suggestions and revamped my design.


Link to Special Olympics Girl Swimming

Link to Heritage Academy Logo

Link to Special Olympics Logo


Font name: Perpetua

Category: Old Style

Who: Heritage Academy sponsoring a Special Olympics Fund Raiser.

When: June 11, 2016, 7AM-9AM.

Where: 32 S. Center St. Mesa, AZ 85210.

What: Wet and Wild Fun.

How: Charge by individual or family.


Microsoft Word Screenshot:

Microsoft Word Print Screen 5A flier-page-001


Tasteful Typography

Heroes and Heritage

Messsage: Everday heroes are all around us and especially in our families.

Audience: Everyone with family

Design Process: I selected the photo because of meaning to family. It is my son Mathew and his wife and three of their four children. Even though the picture is not of the highest quality, it is of the highest sentimentality. I chose the quote because it has had great meaning to me for many years. I wanted my text box to be soft and blue like the sky, so we used a light grey and increased the transparency. I had challenges with trying to get the quote in the correct spot on the picture. There were some great critiques that helped me with this.

Critique Report: Audra Divis: “Lois, I love the picture first off. I think your text box for the text might be too big or not transparent enough. I can see it going into the ladies backside and shoulder, its distracting me. A little transparency might help, and the text is hitting the little boys head. Maybe move up the text or change the font used for spacing?”

I agreed with what her critique stated and so I made the font smaller and scooted the text box up so that it was not going over my grandson’s head.

Sister Larson also critiqued and said that the text went too low as Audra commented but also advised that the image quality is poor. I got this photo off of Facebook and the quality was not good to begin with. I looked at other photos but they did not have the same effect.

Word Screenshot:


Image Source: My son’s Facebook Page.


Gestalt Activity 2B Blogpost

For my Gestalt activity I started thinking about it early, and while hole punching some packets for summer school, I thought about using the little round punches.  I did not have a plan of how to use them, though, and I was frustrated trying to access the last 10 minutes of the video instructions…Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer all cut out on me at 48:12.  While working on my religion class I was reminded of one of my favorite hymns, “There is Sunshine in My Soul Today.”  Because my day was challenging, I chose the polka dots to pick up the dot theme, and the color  to show that not every day is bright, but every day can be worthwhile, and we can choose to radiate the light, and not the darkness. I used the reoccurring circles with the polka dots and the sun shape to convey the sunshine in my soul on a hard day, when I must focus on the light.Picture in 1024